Founded in 1997, IT&C SAL is a Beirut based Information Technology firm that is dedicated to the Financial sector.
In today's rapidly changing telecommunications environment, banks, government and industries are finding new solutions to age-old problems through the application of new telecommunications products and services. To help IT decision makers cope with this dynamic environment, IT&C provides state of the art technology, proven tools and internationally renowned group of experts to help analyse, build, install and manage the network infrastructure for the future. In its capacity of Middle East distributor for important trading platforms, IT&C is dedicated to service the banking industry.
Furthermore, IT&C is part of the MACOM group who operates in Europe (PARIS, LONDON and DUBAI), and have built throughout the years a solid and up to date experience in both networking technologies and trading room projects. For the past fifteen years, many financial institutions have come to the MACOM group for help in developing and implementing new telecommunications networks and making complex economic and performance decisions about their existing networks.