​Consulting Services

IT&C engineers have a solid experience with Telecommunications infrastructure projects involving design, specification and implementation of:
•    Network security and optimization
•    Cabling and LAN infrastructure
•    Data Centres implementation
•    Office relocation projects
•    Dedicated trading environment
•    WAN/LAN Telecommunications network
•    Conference and command centres

​ Networking Projects

 IT&C experience in all aspects of technology planning, infrastructure design, network communications and project management has endowed us with all the expertise required to accomplish the highest level of Business Continuity Planning. Frequently, we have been called upon to provide business continuity solutions. We have successfully assisted in this function for some of the largest corporations in banking, the financial industry, pharmaceuticals and other sectors

​Business Continuity 

IT&C consulting service addresses all aspects of corporate networking projects.Many institutions have come to IT&C for help in developing and implementing new telecommunications networks and making complex economic and performance decisions about their existing networks